Monday, October 29, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics: review and eyeshadow swatches!

As you could tell from the previous post, I ordered some goodies from Darling Girl Cosmetics last month :)

I placed my order right after they had a sale, and one of the items I wanted was sold out. I was happy to see that Susan updates the facebook page when items are restocked, so I didn't have to put myself through the agony of continuously stalking the website. It only took 2 days of waiting. My package arrived well within the stated turnaround time and everything in it was packed with great care. 

Even with sifters in them, the jars seal very well. I love that they have plastified labels on top which are easy to clean. The petite jars have paper labels on the bottom. The shades that came in sample baggies also had plastic labels, stating the ingredients and wether or not the shade is lip-safe.

Read on for swatch overload!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why ordering indie cosmetics is better than Christmas

There are a few posts about make-up and perfume waiting to be published, but I have been postponing them for a few weeks. I intended to write simple reviews with some clear swatches, and somehow I ended up with a chaotic overload of pictures. I found myself torn between wanting to keep my swatch posts relevant and to the point, and wanting to share the whole experience. So after thinking it over I decided that I really want to share this fuzzy happy feeling with you guys, and pictures are essential for that. Whoever is not interested can just skip these posts :)

Check out the adorable detail in packaging from Darling Girl cosmetics and One Hand Washes The Other!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Isadora Zinfandel lipgloss

This lipgloss is from Isadora's Forest Groove collection, released last fall. I already bought the Forest eyeshadow trio and the Forest nailpolish, but was yet to try some of their lip products. I was reminded of it when I saw Frida wear the Zinfandel lipstick, but it was the lipgloss that won me over when I went to the store to try them!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Link Love

Hi everyone!

The 17th of october will be my 1 year blog anniversary. :)  So far I'm still enjoying this very much, so I hope to keep it up for a long time. I feel fortunate to have found a lot of great blogs and 'met' a lot of nice people that share my enthusiasm!

A few fellow bloggers took the initiative for sharing weekend blog links, so I decided to hop on board! I am going to try to schedule my posts during the week as much as possible and share these links on sunday, if I don't forget.

Eight reviews the wonderful smells from DarlingClandestine's Halloween Collection.

Luna interviews Mo from Madd Style Cosmetics, let's see what she has to say!
Mo's interview

Kat shows why Black Rose Minerals is like Lucas North, including GREAT ASS, in three posts at La Dandyzette

Silke used some pretty Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows to celebrate the new Pokemon release at Pearl Squirrel.

If you want to participate in the Weekend link love, join this group on facebook.
Happy reading!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Poliwrath uses hypnosis!

Today's look features some gorgeous Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows that haven't gotten the love they deserve. Poliwrath and S.S. Anne are both from the pokemon inspired Super Effective collection. I made this look a few weeks ago, but since Pokemon black and white 2 has just been released it seemed like a good time to share it. I have only gotten a few peeks at my boyfriends' game so he doesn't spoil it for me, but it looks great!

Monday, October 8, 2012

MAC Angelwing lustreglass

This lipgloss is among my favorites! It's from the 5 Models misbehaving set from the MAC Mischief Makers collection. It's a dark purple in the tube, but on the lips it turns into a very wearable shade of plum. There are purple, blue, copper and golden glitters in there, but they are subtle. This is a lustreglass, and that might explain why this isn't as sticky as the lipglasses. It's comfortable to wear, and lasts about 2-3 hours on me.

The problem with pretty sparkly things is that they are so hard to capture on photograph. I should film swatches like these in sunlight to do them justice.

Since this has been discontinued I'm on the lookout for a dupe! Or something so pretty that makes me forget all about this :)

What are your favorite lipglosses?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Catrice SpectaculART limited edition collection

It's been a while, but Catrice is coming up with another limited edition collection that really tickles my fancy! The SpecatculART collection is based on crossover fashion where the beauty of India meets French couture. I'm not really seeing the backstory here apart from the gold and brights.. but the products are gorgeous and I like the subtle artwork. Take a look for yourself!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Essence I ♥ Extreme Volume mascara review

My lashes are a very cool ashy light brown color and they are thin and disorderly, especially at the outer corners. I think it's both that I have such lousy lashes and the fact that I am terrible at applying mascara, but I haven't run into many mascaras that I like.

A while ago I bought the 'I Extreme Volume' mascara from Essence, and I have been using it daily for weeks now!