Friday, October 19, 2012

Isadora Zinfandel lipgloss

This lipgloss is from Isadora's Forest Groove collection, released last fall. I already bought the Forest eyeshadow trio and the Forest nailpolish, but was yet to try some of their lip products. I was reminded of it when I saw Frida wear the Zinfandel lipstick, but it was the lipgloss that won me over when I went to the store to try them!

The tube looks very basic, but that's fine with me. It closes firmly, clearly states the ingredients, and has a sponge tip aplicator. I have never seen one like this before. The strange shape makes sure you get to scoop a big amount of product out.

This lipgloss has a very nice formula. It's absolutely not sticky, and spreads very easily without having to pack on a lot of product. It's very pigmented, so you can either just use a tiny bit to achieve a dewy stained look, or use a normal amount to get a very glossy look. 

The shimmer particles are subtle or very visible depending on the light. I think they are also responsible for the color shifting. In dim light, this looks like a very dark burguny, but in sunlight it turns into the vivid dark raspberry color you see in the swatch pics. It fades beautifully, leaving color behind but turning more into a satin finish. 

One downside is that it sets into lines quite bad if you don't use a lipliner. I am wearing the Zinfandel lipgloss on bare lips below, hence the feathering edges.

I paid around 17 for this, which isn't exactly cheap. You do get a generous amount of product, so it's totally worth it if it's really your color.

Have you tried Isadora lip products before?



  1. I can imagine this over a berry lip pencil from Catrice I am currently wearing. Too bad we dont have Isadora in Croatia :/

    1. But you have Illamasqua! :D

      And thanks for mentioning the pencil! I only own one shade of lip pencil so far and it doesn't match this color, so I'll check out the ones from Catrice.

  2. This colour is gorgeous! I only have one IsaDora lipgloss and I really like it. The colour is really intense and shimmery. We used to get it in Australia years ago, but not any more. :(

    1. Oh that's a shame! Just mention it if you want to swap some european goodies, I would be happy to :)

  3. I prefer lipsticks over lip-glosses, but this one is really beautiful *.*
    also, you have gorgeous lips :)


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