Thursday, August 30, 2012

Essence Miami Rollergirl Collection polish

Miami heat (orange) and Bienvenido a Miami (yellow).

I am trying to avoid drugstores because I always end up getting struck by an impulse of shopping madness as soon as I walk past the cosmetics, and I am trying to spend my money wisely these days. That being said, I just went to buy a can of Batiste XXL volume (which is awesome), and a woman with a stroller was blocking the route to the tills, so I had no choice but to walk past the Essence counter.. I spotted a display for the Miami Rollergirl collection with only one blush left, and a few bottles of polish. Coincidence or not, yellow and orange nailpolish were actually on my wishlist for quite some time now, so I couldn't resist these for only 1,79. The ombre blush cost €2,79 and looked so pretty that I didn't need much time to think it over either.

Bienvenido a Miami was surprisingly opaque for being a bright yellow. It was a bit streaky so I ended up needing 2 to 3 coats. Miami Heat is quite sheer and needs at least 3 coats to look perfect, but it dried a lot faster than the yellow one. Not the greatest formula, but for that price I'm not complaining. 

Next up are the blush swatches!
Did you buy anything from this collection? What are your favorites?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gosh holographic is back!

As far as I can tell, it was dutch beautyblog Delta Cephei that first came out with this story back in may. You can read her post here. I might be behind on things again, but I thought I'd share this anyway, so no one misses has to miss out this time :)

The release in Belgium and the Netherlands is planned for the last few weeks of 2012 at Kruitvat, and aparently it's already been released in the UK at Superdrug earlier this month. It will be a limited edition polish under the name 'Holographic Hero'. I'm not sure in what other countries it will be sold.

Have you spotted it in stores yet?

EDIT: I've seen it sold in several Kruitvat stores in Belgium already!


Monday, August 27, 2012

MAD minerals swatches: multi-use colors

Finding packages in the mail is pretty exciting, even more so when you're expecting it to take up to 4 weeks and it arrives within 6 days! I placed a second order at MAD Minerals a few weeks ago because I was running out of foundation and decided to order a few eyeshadows while I was at it. I also received some samples of the finishing powders, but I will swatch and review those another time. Today I have some multi-use colors to show you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perfect Primer?

It's getting boring, but I have yet another Yves Rocher product to review. This primer is especially suitable for people with pale skin, so it might be interesting for some of you!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Expanding my eyepencil collection: blue and green

Another thing that I need more of in my life, are bright colored eyepencils. I often foil my eyeshadows to use as a bright eyeliner, but pencils are fun to layer eyeshadow on, and the effect is totally different. Today I'll show you my waterproof Eyepencils from Yves Rocher!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Expanding my eyepencil collection: neutrals

I have religiously used a black eyepencil nearly daily for years, and it wasn't until I bleached my hair to a platinum blonde that I felt like I this needed to change. I bought these brown pencils from Yves Rocher, looking for something that wouldn't look so harsh in contrast with my pale hair.