All products are purchased by me unless otherwise stated. This blog and the reviews on it are written out of my own personal experience with the products mentioned. As you read my reviews, please keep in mind that my skintype and expectations might be very different from yours, and you are likely to have a different experience.

I have sensitive dry skin, that is easily disturbed by harsh ingredients. I have minor couperose on my cheecks and nose and a lot of fading freckles.

Products that I know my skin doesn't like are: SLS, SLES, alcohol, propylene glycol and perfume. They are fine in small quantities, but I am likely to have some sort of reaction to them if they are high up in the ingredient list.

All pictures and content on this blog are made by me, unless otherwise stated. Please don't copy anything without my permission. If you would like to use any images, please send me an e-mail first and credit me using my blog link. If you happen to come across any of my pictures elsewhere, please let me know.

I am not interested in financial compensation for reviews, but I do accept products for consideration. This however does not give any guarantee that I will write about the product and it in no way influences my opinion on it.