Welcome to my blog!

My name is Silke and I am a 25 year old Belgian make-up fanatic.

Apart from that I have a fulltime job, and I love spending my spare time with my boyfriend and dog. Another big hobby of mine is watching b-movies, but I'll try to spare you guys. ;) I also collect all sorts of cool things from the 60's and 70's, and I'm working on a separate blog on that topic. Soon more on this!

On this blog you can find reviews of my favorite products and new buys. Mostly make-up and nailpolish, but since I have sensitive skin and processed hair there will also be sporadic skincare and haircare reviews. I might throw in some press releases and things that I find worth sharing, but I will try to keep the focus beauty-related.

Although this might sound contradictory from someone who is writing a blog, I try not to take beauty too serious. Even though make-up is a great way to boost your ego, I love playing around with it and going over the top. Fashion wise I am a bit of a sloppy bore, but make-up brings out my creative side.

Pearl Squirrel? 

I love reading blogs and love exchanging experiences, so I felt the need for a little space of my own. And so Pearl Squirrel was born! The name refers to my hair color, which was a blend of pearly white and grey when I first started this blog. Squirrels are fun and playful, so they would make the perfect blog mascotte. I'm working on a logo and hope to get it up soon. :)

Thanks for reading!