Monday, August 27, 2012

MAD minerals swatches: multi-use colors

Finding packages in the mail is pretty exciting, even more so when you're expecting it to take up to 4 weeks and it arrives within 6 days! I placed a second order at MAD Minerals a few weeks ago because I was running out of foundation and decided to order a few eyeshadows while I was at it. I also received some samples of the finishing powders, but I will swatch and review those another time. Today I have some multi-use colors to show you!

I ordered 3 petite sized multi use colors, as well as 3 samples (I ordered one in a jar and the others in sample baggies). The petite jars contain 3/4 teaspoon, and I think it's a great way of trying new colors without spending too much on them. The petite jars normally cost $4,50, but since they're having a sale they only cost $3,15 now.

My order was packed in a bubble wrap envelope, the jars tucked safely inside zip-lock bags and then nicely wrapped in blue paper. I don't remember which ones, but some jars were sealed with a plastic wrapping, and some weren't. For some reason the Whispers came without a sifter. I don't really care for sifters, but I can imagine some people liking a bit more consistency in the packaging. The jars close well, that's what matters the most to me! On the bottom of the jars there is a sticker stating the color and ingredients.

I took some pics of the jars while I was swatching (sorry for the fingerprints :)



Whisper Gold

Whisper Copper

Cornerstone: Creamy beige with gray tones. I would call this a cool light taupe. It's matte and perfect for subtly defining the crease on pale skin.

Coffee: Deep brown matte, a perfect eyeliner shade! I couldn't agree more! This shade is very pigmented and easy to work with. I apply it wet as a liner like I did in this look , but it's great for making a dark smokey eye too.

Choc Mint: a duochrome with a warm shimmery brown base and green shifts.

Whisper Gold:  A perfect light golden highlight shade. It's very shiny with ultra fine sparkle particles.

Whisper Copper: an orangy pink toned highlight shade. Compared to whisper gold this is less sparkly.

Whisper Opal: Vibrant light violet.

Swatch time! 

I was struggling with either having too little light, or the sunlight being too harsh. I edited these to make the swatches as true to life as possible, although my skintone tends to look funky compared to the swatches now..

I actually like all of them a lot!

I haven't had much time for elaborate make-up looks in the morning the past few weeks, so I've been using Coffee as a liner shade nearly daily, and the Whispers make an awesome inner corner highlighter to look a little less tired :) I'm definitely going to repurchase Choc Mint In a bigger size with my next order. A warm duochrome like this is such a flattering way to wear green on blue eyes.

What do you think about these colors?
Have you ordered from MAD Minerals before?



  1. I'd definitely like to see Coffee used as an eyeliner, it's a gorgeous colour!

    1. I used it in a look before but I forgot to mention it. I updated it in the description! Because I have hooded eyelids I can't pull off a big wing though, so it's a subtle liner :)


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