Thursday, February 23, 2012

Manhattan lipstick #34

I used to wear this lipstick daily for months after I first bought it. It is not a very impressive color but it just suits me so well that I can wear it in a casual way for any occasion.  I am wearing it in this look as well. I guess you could call this my signature lipstick!

It is very creamy and pigmented, but it does not stain much. It is a little more muted down in real life, so it is not a must to apply it very precise in my opinion. I don't own any other manhattan lipsticks, but this one has a satin finish and it is not drying at all. The biggest downside is that it smells like soap..  It's not that strong, but I prefer an 'edible' scent for my lip prodcuts, or no scent at all.

They don't sell manhattan here anymore so I am looking for a similar shade. Any suggestions?
What is your signature lipcolor if you have one?



  1. I use to do that a lot as well, but the products seem to shift in the same speed as my forgetfulness kicks in.
    i used to have a light pink lipglass from MAC to put on, and i didn't even need a mirror for that one.
    then that changed into a lipgloss from NYX that's easy to just toss on.
    and btw, check on ebay for things that's discontinued! we bought the circus palette from sleek when it was too late, and that's not a shame!
    so good luck if you want to find your manhattan again!!//Azure

  2. I'm going to try that! I'm also visiting Germany in may where they still sell it, and hopefully I'll find it, otherwise I am just going to mac with my old lippie and compare it to find a dupe :)

  3. Thankyou very much for the nice comments :D


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