Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shu Uemura Mask inspired look

Happy 2012 everyone!

Some people swear by the 'eyes or lips' rule, and granted, sometimes the line between that fun bright evening look, or looking like Vicky Pollard is very thin. I wrote about Shu Uemura's 2011 holiday collection in this post, and really felt like doing a strong red and blue look myself. In the actual commercial, there's a flash of a very bright blue eyelook at 00:34 that inspired me for this look. This kind of make-up would look a lot nicer on someone with darker hair, but it was fun to make nevertheless!

Apart from brightness and contrast I didn't edit these pictures. I don't have a flash at the moment, but my camera does have a great beauty portrait mode that I used in the picture above, giving me that smooth skin :) The eyeshadow could have used some better blending, especially at the inner corner of my eye, but I rushed things a bit because I had a big to-do list that day. The lashes didn't impress me, they're very thick at the base and were hard to apply, but they only cost me about €2,5 so it was to be expected.

Product list

Lancome teint miracle foundation used as concealer
Mad minerals powder foundation in fair
Mad minerals aloe veil finishing powder
The body shop blush in Hazelnut
Manhattan highlighter trio

UD Sin and Uzi eyeshadow
Hema Silver eyeshadow
Rimmel eyeshadow in Tempted
Bourjois eyeshadow in Blue magnetique
Mad minerals eyeshadow in Daydreamer
Catrice eyeshadow in Petrol keeps me running
The Body shop mineral eyeshadow in Graphite étincelant
Catrice Las vegas collection lashes

Helena Rubinstein lipstick in Wanted
Gosh Rosewood pigment

By the way, this reminds me a bit of the old barbie look :)

What do you think about wearing bright colors on both eyes and lips?



  1. I'm with you: sometimes I do both full-on eyes and lips. I love this look! Your lips look amazing.

  2. I live by the motto it can never get too much ahah! I think smokey eyes and dark lips goes great together and you're a living proof that it actually does work! It so cool how you worked with the eyeshadows out towards the temple and up to the brows. I gotta try it asap.

  3. Thanks! I'd love to wear these kinds of bright looks all the time but I work in a sports store and already look very out of place as it is :D


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