Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sexxy girlfriend!

Pardon my little tired eyes, but I really wanted to show you guys some of the pretty Darling Girl shadows in action!

The lid color is DG's Sexxy Girlfriend, a gorgeous light mint green that shifts pink. You can clearly see the pink in this picture, but it's even prettier in real life!

From the crease upwards I am wearing DG's Nice F*cking Model, a shade from the Ghost With The Most collection (based on Beetlejuice!). It's a light gold with strong green flash, and I think it makes an awesome contrast with the cool toned Sexxy Girlfriend. On my very pale skin, it's a tad too dark to be a classic highlighter shade, but I am using it as one anyways! I got this color as a sample but am ordering a full size of it soon.

The liner and lower lashline is a dark green shimmer cube from The Body Shop.
My mascara has dried out, so you get clumpy lashes as a bonus. Ignore them please :)

Have a nice weekend!

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