Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yodel my purple what?

A simple manicure I did a while ago. I reversed the colors on my other hand, because I couldn't decide between these two colors :) I think they make a good match since this pink has a slight blue duochrome effect.

The blue polish is Yodel me on my cell from OPI's Swiss collection. It was one of the birthday presents my boyfriend got me last year. The pink is also from OPI and it's called Pompeii purple.

The pink one is very thin and runny and could have used a third layer, while Yodel me on my cell is good with 2 layers.

What is your favorite nailpolish brand?



  1. Mine is currently A England, although I like Zoya and OPI, too. I particularly like Yodel Me On My Cell. I think it would look awesome reversed!

  2. fantastic! and the whole idea with a single nail in a completely different colour is so spring-like! polished thumbs up for this one!/Azure

  3. Thanks! I already had tipwear on my other hand so I just shot this side :P The idea isn't really original, but it's fun nevertheless.

    I've seen some lovely swatches of A England polishes, I'd love to try them soon! :)


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