Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fuchsia shock!

I am feeling a bit self-conscious about my skin and hair (extreme urge to cut it all off!) lately, so I didn't make any looks that I like enough to share. Wednesday I went shopping for some make-up to cheer myself up. I walked into a store to buy a new piercing for my septum, and I walked out with fuchsia hairdye (manic panic fuchsia shock). I was feeling wild that day so I went home and dyed my hair!

Didn't bother to style my hair..

I still don't know what got into me.. My boyfriend turned 30 yesterday and has been feeling like an old man because of it lately, and I think it has been wearing off on me and this is some sort of very premature midlife crisis. Am I making any sense?

So now my hair is partly fuchsia, and I am still not pleased. I was planning on growing my hair long again and keeping my natural color, but my hair is so poofy and messy and hard to maintain. I'm going to do a post on all the different cuts and colors I've had soon, and then decide what I want next!

I get most of my hairstyle ideas from Wip Hairport's flickr page. It's a salon based in Lisbon, and I'm dying to go there some day to give them carte blanche on my hair! They are very creative and do great haircuts for non-sleek hair too.

I'm curious to hear where you find hair style inspiration!
How do you deal with bad hair days?



  1. What a great fuschia! I love it.
    I have curly hair that frizzes at the drop of a hat, so if it's unruly, I generally braid it or put it in two little buns (one gives me a headache because it's so thick and heavy).

    1. Glad you like it! I often wear 2 little buns too, because my hair is too short to wear in one :D

      I really love your hair btw, I used to have mine dyed black and very long, and I would braid it really tight every night to make it wavy/curly even more, a bit like yours :)


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