Sunday, May 27, 2012


Having finally grown my nails a bit longer, I was itching to do a fun manicure. They just look so much better if you have a nice surface to work on. Luna over at is hosting a fun frog-themed makeup challenge, so I got inspired by the beautiful poison dart frogs and gave it my best shot.

Read on for more pictures and click here to see what the others came up with!

Product list:

Pinky: Opi Yodel me on my cell, Essence tip painter (white), Essence nail art pen
Ringfinger: Essence Sunshine 4ever, H&M Yellow, Essence nail art pen
Middlefinger: Catrice Sold out forever and absolutely chinchilly
Index finger: Catrice sunglasses at night, Nivea Cardinal
Thumb: Essence Sunshine 4ever + Nivea Cardinal Mixed,
Catrice New York, Opi Yodel me on my cell

The nail art pen I'm using now is horrible, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some dotting tools and stripers soon!

The theme for the next challenge is 'doll face' :) I'm not sure I will find time for it because I have some other posts to work on and tons of work, but it sounds like fun. You can enter here.



  1. these are so cool! i especially love the blue and orange one. :)

    1. Thank you :) I like the orange frogs with blue legs the best too, color wise. I might make a full mani out of that one once I buy a proper orange nailpolish and some better tools!


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