Thursday, November 3, 2011

MAD minerals multi Use Mineral Colors

Left to right : Daydreamer, Drama queen, Spoiled. Swatched dry on bare skin.

These swatches speak for themselves :) 

I especially love Day dreamer and Drama queen. Spoiled is a fuchsia/blue duo-chrome and a bit more sheer than the other colors, which makes it harder to work with. I tried these on top of a thin layer of white kohl pencil and on an eyeshadow base, and they really do need some kind of base or otherwise they'll fade a bit. When used wet they are even more pigmented and shiny. I will be using these a lot!

MAD minerals' multi use mineral colors cost $6 for a 5 gr jar, but they are cheaper if you buy a sample kit.

Pearl Squirrel

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