Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly make-up challenge: faeries!

Luna over at TOXiD-LOTUS is back in action and started hosting weekly make-up challenges again. I missed out on the past weeks cause I was too busy, but managed to make a quick look for this weeks faerie-themed challenge. Since I had stuff to do later that day I kept it simple and didn't go over the top.

The lid color is Shiro's zelda, and on the inner corner is whisper copper from MAD minerals. Both the purple liner and the sparkly lilac color under the lower lashline are from Isadora. Apart from that I'm wearing a mix of bb creams, with satin glow and flash glow from MAD to set and highlight. The blush is MDMA from My Pretty Zombie, and the lipgloss is one of the new Stay with me glosses from Essence. I'm not elaborating on the products used because I plan to get them swatched in the next couple of weeks... if nothing disastrous happens.

Oh, and I'm in the process of lightening my hair to a very pale ashy blonde color, although I kind of like this pale orangey tone for now. You can't tell in these pictures but there's some lilac in there too. I totally matched my clothes and make-up to my hair, very cheesy :p

I'll be updating this post with links to the other looks!


  1. This is really pretty and so wearable :) I love it

  2. This is super pretty! I love the contrast with the purple liner.

  3. Ik vind deze look jou ontzettend goed staan!! (En ik ga het ook maar eens uitproberen denk ik)


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