Monday, January 14, 2013

Skincare update

Because of a few disastrous breakouts last winter and spring, I took a few months off from reviewing skincare products. My skin really needed some peace, and I needed some time to read up on skincare ingredients before making any new purchases. I'm happy to say that my skin is doing a lot better and I gradually started trying new products again. :)  I am planning some skincare reviews on products I've thoroughly tested, but first I'd like to do an update about my current skincare routine!

During the colder months I have used the oil cleansing method (3/4 sunflower oil + 1/4 olive oil).
It really prevented my skin from getting too dry, so this is a keeper. I am going to look into other oil blends that are better suited for my skintype. Because I have minor couperose I can't use a steamy cloth to remove the oil, so I use a tiny bit of mild soap instead. My skin hasn't been as dry this winter so I have only been using this weekly or evem bi-weekly.

I stopped using products containing high levels of Sodium Laureth Sulphate on my face, and have noticeably better skin. It's still rather dry, but leaning towards normal now.

I stopped using scrubs. I now use my favorite soap and a scrubbing glove for my body, and gently use a washing cloth on my face. One of the reasons for this is that I was frustrated with the ingredients of scrubs either being too harsh, or the scrub particles being made of plastic. It's just ridiculously pollutive since there are plenty or environmentally friendly alternatives.

I stopped using shower gels and only use mild bar soaps now, because they tend to contain less junk that my skin doesn't need. More on bar soaps here.

I never skip sunscreen anymore. It took me a while to find a nice moisturizer with reasonable spf. Before this, I would use a moisturizer and seperate sunscreen. Now I have a moisturizer with spf, and the make-up I use generally has an additional sunscreen. I am still looking for a product with a higher spf for summer though.

I avoid waterproof make-up. Last year I wore waterproof mascara because I rode my bike to work. I mainly walk now, so I can use an umbrella to keep my make-up from smudging. This means I barely have to rub my eyes for removing my make-up, which would otherwise cause wrinkles.

I only apply a spot treatment locally where needed, instead of putting it all over my face, torturing my sensitive skin.

I use facemasks about 2-3 times a month. Both simple DIY facemasks as storebought ones. Every now and then I get some fresh aloe vera from my mom's plant, which is great for sensitive skin.

A lot of changes! And most importantly how they have affected my skin:

I have less clogged pores and my t-zone is less oily. The dry parts of my skin are a lot less dry than before. I have couperose and perhaps rosacea too (haven't seen a dermatologist about it yet), but there's much less redness in my skin compared to last year. I had some minor breakouts, but they were mostly triggered by my hormones and healed up quickly.

So far all of this has been paying off so I think it's safe to introduce my favorite skincare products to you... soon! :)


  1. Can't wait to read about your skincare favourites. Your skin always looks lovely in photos.

    1. Haha thanks :) That's mainly because I don't have the balls to throw my face on the web when it's at it's worst ;)


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