Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Purple with a twist

Inspired by this fun color combination on Eyegraffiti, I decided to try something similar. I don't own a yellow eyepencil, so I chose orange, since it is still a bit of an unusual contrast.  I started off with a plain purple look, and later on the day I added some pink eyeshadow and orange eyeliner.

This was the inital look:

Added some orange liner!

And then I added the pink eyeshadow from Claire's. It's a pressed neon eyeshadow, and the formula and pigmentation is pretty bad. There was no way of blending it properly without wiping all of the color off, so I just packed it on and had to settle with blotchy eyeshadow for the rest of the evening.

Products used:

UD primer potion
Shiro cosmetics Rattata
MAD minerals Spoiled
MAD minerals Whispers Opal and Gold
Pink from Claire's neon palette
2B Orange eyepencil

Thanks for the tutorial Phlox! :)



  1. I like it better with the orange. =D

    1. Thanks! I really like the combo too, too bad I can't stand eyeliner non my waterline all day.

  2. The orange waterline was a neat idea! You have such a lovely eye colour.

    1. Thank you!
      I actually had little choice since I don't have many eyeliners that work well on the waterline, lol :p

  3. I love it both ways! Gorgeous purples.

  4. I really like it both ways! The first is really soft and pretty, the second is a bit more unique and fun


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