Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I wasn't the only one enjoying the sun...

While I was walking home past the old cemetary wall, this little guy caught my eye while he was sunbathing.

I slowly approached him with my camera and instead of running off like they usually do, this one turned around and came a bit closer to have a better look at me. My lens was only 20cm away from him, but he didn't seem frightened at all. He was almost posing, turning his heard from left to right.

After a few minutes I was about to put my camera away, when he slowly crawled back into the crack in the wall. He looked like he was saying bye to me!

Cutest lizzard ever!



  1. This one is adoreable :)

  2. Oh my, look at that little guy, I love lizzards. The first shot looks like he is posing for you. Lol, nice shot :)

  3. AW, what a cute little guy!! Great pictures.


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