Sunday, September 2, 2012

Essence Miami Rollergirl Dates on skates blush

I decided to put the polish and blush in two seperate posts because I felt like the blush would be overlooked, and it's such a beauty! This is my first blush from essence and I was pleasantly surprised with the formula. I swatched some of their blushes in store but the colors were often dull so they never appealed to me. Dates on skates on the other hand turned out to be very pigmented, and it's a current favorite of mine.

left - centre - right - blended together

The blush is very soft, so swirling your brush around on it wil cause a lot of loose powder. It's better to just gently pat your brush instead. You can use the orange side with warm toned looks or the pink with cooler tones, or just use the colors blended together. All colors combined it gives a nice matte salmon pink flush on the cheecks, and it's not the least bit chalky.

I really like how you get 3 different shades for only €2.79. The idea reminds me a bit of Sleek's blush trio's, and I think it invites you to be a little more creative when using blush. I hope they have more of these in the next collections!

Do you like Essence blushes?



  1. I have this one too and i like it a lot !

  2. Let's just say WWOOOOOWWW!!! What a beautiful blush!!! So beautiful!! I love that it's fading from orange to pink!!! Essence is really on to something!!! Me want it now!!!/Azure


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