Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wip-hairport, a huge source of hair inspiration!

While patiently growing out my fried hair and looking for a new hairstyle, I thought I'd share my favorite source of hair inspiration with you guys: Wip-hairport :)

Wip-hairport is a Lisbon-based hair salon that does the coolest haircuts I've ever seen.
I like their funky daring cuts and amazing color jobs, but I also love that they are able to work with curly hair.

There's a big set of male haircuts too, going from very masculine and rough, to cute boyish cuts or this stylish sort of mullet.

I am hoping to visit them soon and give them carte blache on my hair :)

Where do you turn to when you want a new hairstyle?



  1. My mum and my bathroom mirror. It's been quite some time since I've actually been to a hairdresser, since most of the hairdressers I visit aren't keen on doing 'weird' hairstyles and we seem to manage just fine at home. I never go crazy anyway because low maintenance is important for me.

    For ideas I usually just take in what I see around me and then let my ideas ferment until I arrive at what I want. Most recently I shaved my head all over except for a strip down the back of my head leading to my rat's tail, which came from wanting a shaved head but not wanting to lose the ratty!

    1. I usually cut and color my hair myself too, and sometimes a friend helps me out when I messed it up :) It doesn't always end up the way I wanted it, but hair grows back right.. I saw a lot of your different hairstyles on your blog, and you're really creative with your hair, you could easily join a hairdresser team like this :D

      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. This is just too cool! Love the whole idea and I've never seen that style before!
    I've shaved my hair off a couple of times, but now I'm thinking I would like to save it all out again.
    Azure got great style and thoughts when it comes to hair. Only bad thing is that mine are super curly and she got straight hair.
    I'm into the no-poo method and I got some ideas how I want my hair from their different forums!


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