Thursday, June 28, 2012

Highlighter idea for the belgian/dutch ladies!

A while ago I was invited to attend a Mylene demonstation. It's basically a home shopping party concept that sells skincare, cosmetics, bath products and so on. I considered these kinds of things for housewifes in their midlife crisis so I was not really looking forward to it, but I went anyways to do my friend a favor. We were lucky to have a cool host, so it ended up being more fun than expected, although I wasn't impressed by most of the range.

I am not going to make this a Mylene-bashing post, so I'll move on to something positive: I was pleasantly surprised by this cute eyeshadow. So if you (or your mom) are going to a Mylene demonstation any time soon, check this out :)

I swatched the eyedshadow lightly here, slightly focussing on the different patches of color:

And here I tried to swatch the fuchsia, blue, pink and gold parts seperately and more heavily:

As an eyeshadow it doesn't really appeal to me, but by mixing the colors all together it makes an awesome highlighter! The shimmer particles have different sizes, so it gives a glowy shine as well as some very fine sparkles.

You have to apply it very lightly for daytime looks since it has a pretty strong metalic highlight, but that means it will be amazing as a scifi-like highlight in more dramatic looks :)

I have a 7 day working week coming up because the sales are about to start at work. I won't have time or energy for blogging, so I will just be lurking other blogs the next few weeks.

I hope you're all enjoying summer!



  1. Hey,give me that!!! It looks fantastic, and i love how it seems to be used in endeless ways!!! Something you'll never get tired of!!
    Well good luck with your super long shift, but make sure to catch some sun when you're off work!!! And put some glitter on and the days will be much funnier ;)/Azure

  2. What a gorgeous highlighter that makes! Great idea.

  3. This is a pretty color ! I have one of those Mylene marbled colors too . I got one as a present from a friend with the Holidays , a few years ago.
    They are nice when all colors are mixed together !

  4. Mijn nicht heft dit al erg lang in haar kastje liggen haha , wat grappig!


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