Sunday, May 20, 2012

Essentiel flakie nailpolish

If you have never heard of Belgian fashion label Essentiel, make sure to take a look at their collection. They are known for using bright colors and contrasting textures, and their style is always very femine and out there.

I was really excited to see that they have launched a line of nailpolish too, so I picked one up to try!

It's a classic flakie polish that shifts between green, yellow and red. The texture was almost jelly like and quite thick. It isn't the fastest drying polish, but I took care of that by using a quick drying top coat.

I applied it on my flower nail-art too. The effect is much more toned down on a pale base, but I thought it looked really fancy :)

And now for the downside: with €11 for only 9ml it doesn't exactly come cheap..   

On the other hand: if you live in Belgium and you are too impatient to order online (like me) you can still get this one next time you feel that urge to buy new nailpolish :)

Hope you all had a nice weekend. I'm leaving for a short vacation in Germany (Trier) tomorrow, see you next week!



  1. hm i would love to get my hands on a flake polish that shifts from pink/purple/blue, and at first sight i thought this was it, but at your nails and description it wasn't.... but do you know which shade i mean?
    it's like fairy colours.... hehe didn't find any better way to describe it...

    And have a nice time in German!!/Azure

  2. I haven't seen any flakie polish like that before.. Most tend to shift between warm colors like yellow and red, and blues and greens.

    Nfu oh seems to have some purplish flakie polishes, but they have a colored base instead of clear :)


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