Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring flower nail art

After seeing all the lovely easter manicures pop up everywhere I was itching to do something a little more creative with my nails too, because I have seriously been neglecting them lately. I usually just pain my nails in one color and sometimes do 1 nail in a contrasting color, but seeing this cute manicure made me want to step out of my comfort zone. It was a lot of fun!


OPI Skull and glossbones
OPI Red my fortune cookie
OPI Jade is the new black (my all time favorite!)
Essence Show your feet 09 Sunshine 4ever
H&M yellow
OPI Rapidry top coat

I painted the green on with an old eyeliner brush, applied the big colored dots with the nailpolish brushes and the smaller details with a toothpick. The best part is that this manicure had been on my nails for 4 days with no tipwear at all. Yay!

I'm off for a few days to help with a store opening in a different city, so I will have to miss my lappy until monday. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!



  1. What an adorable mani! Love the look of your's so fresh and clean!

  2. That's adorable! Look how steady your hands are! Very jealous.

  3. Silke, this is stunning and far better than mine, I prefer the muted background you've done for this, and the flowers are just beautiful. :-)

  4. oh my gosh! i can't even imagine the patience you must have for doing these nails! i get exhausted just by thinking of it haha! and with that said, i can't do anything but admire you! fantastic nails, and very good tulips! you must wave to everyone now so they can see your lovely hands!/Azure

  5. Thanks everyone! It was actually a lot easier than it looks.. just put random stripes with the old eyeliner brush, made some messy dots on top of eachother and added a glossy top coat to even out the surface. It's just the multiple colors and layers that made it come together :)

    And @ fab fingertips: thanks! I really loved your tulips! I just wouldn't be able to create a tulip shape :)

  6. WOW! This looks like it would be very hard to do!


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