Monday, March 12, 2012

More fuchsia with Bourjois!

I almost forgot I had this one swatched already! This is Fuchsia class (#57) from Bourjois, it was my first bright pink lipstick and I still wear it a lot.

It's very creamy and pigmented, but it takes a bit of effort for an even application. It doesn't smell very good.. a bit like those theatre make-up creams that they use for facepainting. At least the taste is neutral.. It leaves a stubborn stain, which is a good thing if you like a flush of color all day.

I was in a hurry and ended up getting lipstick next to my mouth too, and I eventually gave up on rubbing it off and just blurred the region.. So take your time with this one!

The lipstick has a sharp edge, so you can apply it straight from the tube. This is what the packaging looks like:

Apart from it's flaws, I love this lipstick a lot!

What was your first bright lipstick?



  1. That's a stunning colour. I think my first bright lipstick was from Red Earth when I was in high school! That was such a long time ago...

  2. wow, that was truly a bright pink! thank god i was sitting down haha!/Azure

  3. Olgie: I remember putting on bright lipstick in highschool, and then wiping it off as soon as I crossed someone in the streets. Embarrasing memories, but a lot of fun too :)

    Phyrra & Azure: it's a great color! BAM, pink lips :p

    Hanna: credit where credit is due, you are very talented! :)

  4. Drooooooooooool, I love this colour!


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