Friday, March 16, 2012

Essie & Essence: Make it golden in da bush

I did this manicure a while ago using In da bush from Essie's 2011 resort collection, and Essence's 67 Make it Golden.

I picked this muted pastel green because I wanted to try something different than my usual bright colors, but I never wear it on it's own. It's a lovely color and a great opaque finish, but it feels too 'naked' on me. This pretty sparkly nailpolish from Essence is perfect for spicing it up a bit, adding both small and chunky glitters and tiny specks. I added OPI Rapidry topcoat, and this lasted a few days on me without noticeable tipwear. A pain in the ass to remove, but totally worth it.

I am working long shifts at work these days so I won't have much time to update. My uncle passed away yesterday, and although we didn't keep close contact lately, I need to take some time out and do my best to be there for my mom and cousins. What is the life of an old man compared to the 22 Belgian kids that died in the bus crash in Switzerland on wednesday? That's a way to put things into perspective, but it won't make anyones sadness less great. It's not fair that anyone has to go through these things.

Thanks for reading everyone.. Don't worry, I will make a more cheerful update next time! :)



  1. What a lovely colour combo! Very pretty mani.

  2. such.a.lovely.glitter.polish! (need to breath here!)
    why don't i have that one? i so love when they've mixed chunky glitter with fine grains together! so easy to love! i'll take one last peak then i need to get out of here!;)/Azure


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