Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Drool with me ladies!

A few days ago I was watching my little make-up drawer-case (which is flooding) undecided on what colors to use, and I nearly had a moment of enlightenment. My collection is still very small compared to most bloggers, but somehow I have at least 10 blue eyeshadows, but I only have 3 blush shades. I only have 1 lip pencil, yet I have 5 black kohl pencils.

Although I love my bright eyeshadows a lot, I don't wear them as much as I'd like to and I am starting to feel limited by my love for bright and unusual colors. Does that make sense? I decided to start investing in some wearable basics that match with the red top that I wear at work. I made a little wishlist with products from Illamasqua that I plan to order soon:

Lipstick in Scandal: warm coral pink
Powder blusher in Tremble: soft lilac pink
Cream blusher in Libido: vibrant reddish orange
Medium pencil in Thrash: warm burnt orange
Rich liquid foundation in 105: very pale color that I plan to mix with other foundations to lighten them

Do you like Illamasqua? What are your favorites?



  1. These are nice choices! I've only got one gloss from Illamasqua and a few pigments. Everyone raves about the other products too.

    1. I was considering Beguile ever since I saw it on your blog! But I think I'll try that one next time :)

  2. You can never have too much of Illamasqua :D

    Thank you for commenting on my blog post :)
    I'm not grateful only because you read it, but because it helped me discover your amazing blog :)
    I browsed through it and I plan to read every single one of your posts, you're sooo pretty, and I love your looks :)

  3. yes, i'm drooling!
    and btw about the comment at our place, i say hell yes to buying that white (100) rich liquid foundation to lighten up your others! it's a really good way to do that and there's always good to have a lot of tones so you can blend one suitable for just you. i suggest you take a look at michael james foundation routine at youtube since he's light skinned as well, he uses the white face and body from mac.
    and hey, this will turn out real well for the winter season huh!?//Azure

    1. Thanks for the tip! I think I'm going to order 105 instead of 100, because it has a pink undertone and most foundations are also too yellow for me. But I'll check those video's out before I decide :)

    2. Have you seen these swatches, yet?
      Maybe it can help you find the right shade :)


    3. Actually I have! I think it can look deceiving so see swatches on someone with a darker skintone than mine, although they're great swatches :) thanks for sharing though!

  4. I love that powder blush! Great choices!

  5. Oooh, some very nice stuff! I have but one lipstick from Illamasqua, but I am dying to get more.


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