Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Essence Crystalliced limited edition lipgloss

Essence released a limited edition collection this winter  called Crystalliced. The collection is all about pastels and special finishes like glitter, frost and flakies. I picked up these lipglosses (and a nailpolish that was disappointingly sheer, so ignore it), and I absolutely love them!

Read on for my review and a LOT of swatches!

Left to right: 02 Diamond dust - 01 It's a snow-womans' world - 03 Ice crystals on my window

These lipglosses each contain 0,23 fl. oz. or 7ml and only cost 1,79. The packaging is sturdy and clean.

The texture of these is very similar to Mac's lipglasses. It is very thick and sticky and it lasts for hours. I love the feeling on my lips, and best of all: it smells AND tastes great. Like raspberries, and it actually tastes like them too, very sweet. .

The Colors:

01 Diamond dust has a light grey pastel greenish base with tiny white glitters. They are very soft and not gritty.
02 It's a snow-womans' world is a purple taupe base with tiny fuchsia pink flakies. It has a lovely violet sheen to it and is almost irridiscent.
03 Ice crystals on my window is a milky off-white base with tiny orange flakies.

They look like a glowy nude on the lips, very flattering even on pale skin. It's a snow-womans' world leaves a subtle violet hue, while Ice crystals on my window is just a milky neutral nude. Diamond dust is a lot more sparkly, but I haven't made a lip swatch of it yet and I think it is the least special of the three.


This cheesy glow is actual sunlight, not a filter :p Look at those awesome flakies!

By the time I wanted to do lipswatches the sun had already set too much.. The flakies are less visible on the lips, but still it has a glowy lit from within finish!
It's a snow-womans' world, with violet/fuchsia sparkles

Ice crystals on my window, with yellow/orange sparkles

These are my first essence lipglosses and I was pleasantly surprised by them. I bought a backup of it’s a snow-woman’s world and ice crystals on my window cause I liked them so much. 

I also bought 2 of them for a future give-away. I know I don't have many readers yet but they were LE and so cute that they need to be shared. More about this in a while :)

How do you like these?
Have you tried any essence products before?



  1. The swatches are very pretty :)

  2. Thank you!

    I always make swatches in daylight because I have no flash yet, and I was lucky to catch some faint rays of sunlight :)

  3. Gorgeous! They look lovely! Love the iridescent shimmer on them!

  4. These look amazing! I'm definitely going to get these if they ever show up here in Australia.


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