Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shiro Cosmetics - The science & The super effective collection swatches

More Shiro swatches!

The pink and yellow are from the Science collection, based on portal. The other three are from the Super effective collection and are pokemon based. Well, SS Anne is a boat. In my opinion a weird choice, but it's a great color nevertheless.

Top row: Because we can  - Conservation of momentum. Bottom row: S.S. Anne - Poliwrath - Rattata

Because we can and Conservation of momentum are both very shiny with silver shimmers. I chose these because they are close to a basic magenta and yellow and I didn't own those yet.

My favorites however are S.S. Anne and Poliwrath!

S.S. Anne is a very wearable medium brown with silver/gold shimmer. It's very pretty but not unique. Since I mostly own bright colors it is a nice addition to my stash though, and great for creating a quick look on those lazy early mornings.

Poliwrath is a muted blue with barely there gold shimmery specks.  The base color is a satin finish but the subtle shimmer gives it an extra dimension. It's the kind of blue that looks amazing paired with warm colors like gold and brown.

The only color that I found hard to apply is Rattata. It's a nearly matte color and is less creamy in texture. The color itself is nice, it has a very subtle duochrome look to it.

I should look for a new eyeshadow base that is more suitable for mineral eyeshadows. Maybe I'll try fyrinnae's pixie epoxy, I see that lots of people love it :) Any other reccomendations?



  1. I find it so much easier to work with a rather sticky primer which really "soakes" up the pigment. I've never tried the pixie epoxy. Is it any good?
    My favs are Liquid Metal from Illamasqua, Stick It! from Medusa and High Tech Lighter from Make Up Store!

  2. I only own urban decay's primer potion at the moment, but I see many people using pixie epoxy.. Thanks for the tip, I'll check those out too! And thanks for commenting :)

  3. I can't live without my Pixie Epoxy. It rocks. And it's very cheap. I'd definitely suggest trying it at least (they sell a sample size).


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