Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mustard and gold look with Shiro cosmetics

A simple look using Likelike, Triforce and Goron from Shiro cosmetics' Legends collection.
I have to force myself to use other eyeshadows lately, all I want to wear is Goron! It makes my skin look brighter and makes my eyecolor pop, and therefore it makes me seem more awake than I actually am at 9 am. What's not to love?

The khaki eyeliner is precision eye pencil in 080 Wildthing from Catrice and I am wearing the falsies waterproof mascara. I applied Goron in the outer corner and crease, Triforce all over the lid and a dab of Likelike on my browbone and in the inner corner.

These pictures were taken at the end of the day so it all started to crease a bit, but still, aren't these colors amazing?

I wore a toadstool necklace that my boyfriend once gave to me. For some reason I think it really looks cute with the yellow eyeshadow.

What's your favorite look for hasty early mornings?



  1. This look is just amazing with your eyes, yet it's so simple! It's such a lovely but unusual colour. When I want to be quick, I just take a gold or silver (or whatever's lying around, if I'm being honest) and pop it all over: eyelid, lower lashline and crease. Then a bit of black liner. So lazy!

  2. A perfect combo, Yellowish eyeshadow and a toadstool necklace ;). You look stunning in those bright colours and I'm just in love with Shiro Cosmetic.

  3. Haha, I'm glad someone sees it too!

    I stay away from black liner when i'm in a real hurry, I tend to mess it up when I try to be quick and end up being late..

    Thanks for commenting to both of you :)


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